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Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants Cordial (Case of 6)

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Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants Irish Blackcurrant Cordial is a No Added Sugar, 100% Natural, Squeezed and Cold Pressed Pure Juice made from our Irish Blackcurrants and Not from Concentrates. In time honoured rural tradition our cold pressed juice is packed in 500ml glass bottles - nature’s best package for juices. The deep purple colour is a sure sign of the goodness and high level of anthocyanins (disease fighting antioxidants) of these amazing little Super fruits. The Vitamin C in Blackcurrants contributes to a healthy immune system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue and cell protection from the free radical damage. The natural sweetness of the non-calorific Stevia plant replaces the sugar in our Blackcurrant Cordial, therefore no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and no compromise on taste. 


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