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Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants - Blackcurrants (12.5kg Box)

Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants - Blackcurrants (12.5kg Box)

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These commercial poly-lined box of farm frozen Irish Blackcurrants are ideal for professional caterers, pubs and restaurants and food producers. We sell fresh from the farm during harvest in late July and August. But to get that bursting goodness all year round we have perfect farm frozen blackcurrants, topped and tailed and ready to use. Freezing on the farm means that within hours of being picked the fruit is frozen to lock in the bursting flavour. When defrosted it is still as healthy and nutritious as the day it was picked and frozen.

All Blackcurrants are direct from farm prices.

Standard Shipping Price includes €20 for Temperature controlled freezer box and a €9.00 delivery fee inclusive of VAT added onto this.

PLEASE NOTE: Available in only Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland ONLY