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One Pot Wonders with Darina Allen, Cork. 22nd October

One Pot Wonders with Darina Allen, Cork. 22nd October

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There is something rather liberating about cooking in a single pot. It requires much less effort, the meal is complete (or close to complete) and the whole process is simple and uncomplicated. You can cook this way for one person or for a hundred – all you have to do is scale up or down the ingredients – making it ideal for single people, families and for parties.

Many one pot wonders are relatively inexpensive to produce and there is the added advantage of having next to no washing up to do afterwards. What’s more, you don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to cook this way because none of the dishes require complicated techniques. This culinary approach isn’t like trying to get a souffle to rise or making a complicated sauce.

So, what does our course offer? In a nutshell you’ll learn how to make a dozen or more delicious dishes using only a single pot.

Lunch is included.

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